No matter who you are, I think we can all agree that people-watching is universally one of the best sports around.

Yes, I'm calling it a sport because sometimes I surprise myself with how much time I've wasted just watching... people.

We asked, and you answered, Maine. We got a ton of comments ranging from the Maine Mall food court in South Portland to Funtown in Saco to Acadia in Bar Harbor.

And while you probably have your own favorite place to people watch, we narrowed it down to five of the best places to catch some really interesting characters.

1. Old Orchard Beach
This was the most common answer across the board. It was almost like a no-brainer. I'm not going to lie, the boardwalk absolutely carries some colorful characters, especially when the rides start to open YES.

2. Fryeburg Fair
Fair season in Maine (usually during the fall) for most is about Ferris wheels, overpriced games we never win, and funnel cakes. For me, it's all about popping a squat near the food trucks and just watching what every family decides to order. One could call me a stalker, I get it.

3. Bubba's Sulky Lounge
I have zero beef, especially because a lot of people like it here, but I'm not going to lie it gives me massive anxiety. I'm not sure if it's the Chucky dolls from the 1800s in the dim light or the colorful dance floor, but anytime I find myself here, if I do, I'll be sitting at a table watching humans make a fool of themselves.

4. Walmart-
Any Walmart across the world is a breeding ground for incredible people-watching. However, more specifically the one in Auburn, you know the one with the infamous yellow pole, has apparently gotten a lot of Mainers riled up when we asked this question. So there you have it, yellow pole Walmart is the best one in Maine to sit in your car & watch.

5. Any Big Apple
Quite literally, turn any corner in Maine and you'll find a Big Apple. There's one in Portland that's just a beaut to watch humans go in and out when pumping your gas.

Do you have a favorite spot? Let us know where we should go to people watch.

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