I just recently joined a really interesting group on Facebook that I can't recommend enough! It's called Forgotten New Hampshire. Have you ever been hiking in the woods and see a bizarre shaped tree that makes you say "WHOA! NATURE IS WILD!" This group is filled with cool and fun stuff like that.

Speaking of trees, here's a crazy one that Thomas Martin spotted in Claremont, New Hampshire, and shared with the group last week:

Thomas Martin via Forgotten New Hampshire Facebook

The group also features many photos of old abandoned buildings or cars in the state. Lots of these photos are downright spooky, like they belong in the opening scene of a horror movie!.

Riley Glover posted a few photos of something peculiar she came across in the woods in Bedford, New Hampshire, and judging by the comments she's not the only one who has seen it!  It's a tree that grew around a sink. Isn't it the strangest thing ever?

Riley Glover via Forgotten New Hampshire
Riley Glover via Forgotten New Hampshire
Riley Glover via Forgotten New Hampshire

Amazing how nature takes back! Pretty crazy, right? The comments are hilarious. I think I am going to enjoy being a member of this group because these are my people. Here are a few of my favorites:

Justin Ryan Estes: 10/10 want to wash my hands in tree sink


David Tessier: Only a sap would use that!


Gary Villineau: Took a min to realize what I was looking at here, had to let it sink in….


A lot people thought it would make a great repurposed bird bath if the water wasn't so putrid!

Have you ever seen a tree growing around something man made?

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