I'm afraid of heights. There, I said it. Like admitting it in a blog will make it easier to face! It's not as bad as it used to be. I no longer break out into a nervous full-body sweat and feel like I could vomit. Now it's just the palms of my hands and a queasy stomach.

Nineteen years ago, at 9 a.m. on Halloween morning I tried to conquer my fear by skydiving. I remember the date and time exactly because I did the dive live on air in Bakersfield, CA.

It sounds crazy...but I thought by facing my fear head-on and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, it might work. And it did...to a point. I mean I'd go skydiving again...but it doesn't mean I feel safe walking to the edge of a cliff and peering over.

That's why when other people laugh at this video...my I feel my hands start to sweat, because I feel this guys fear. He was visiting Ireland, and he wanted to look out over the Atlantic Ocean from the top of a cliff. But he was so afraid that he had to lie flat on the ground and drag himself to the edge. At least he has a great attitude about it, and he can laugh at himself.

What's your biggest fear?

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