Have you seen this building?

Andrew Bagley
Andrew Bagley

This gorgeous building on the corner of Daniel Street and Penhallow Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is by far the best building and business in Portsmouth, yet it is widely hated. It is Hearth Market.

If you have no clue what I am talking about, you must go.

Here is what the inside looks like:

According to the Heath Market website:

Hearth Market is a vibrant community emporium in downtown Portsmouth, NH, offering a diverse selection of food, drinks, and handmade local goods. Born out of hunger for convenience and pleasure, along with the awareness of sustainable agriculture and food distribution, we envision a market built for the local community - from the local community.

In my own words, this place is a healthy, aesthetically-pleasing food court with local items and plants to buy. But it is more than that.

It is a place to grab a drink, sit by the fireplace, pick out a quick meal, or stay for the day and do your work in a swing chair.

The building caused a massive split in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire, community. Many believed the building design was egregious-looking and did not fit the history of Portsmouth.

I, for one, believe this building is perfect for downtown. The look of it is sexy. I'll say it. It is damn sexy.

More importantly, this type of business is exactly what Portsmouth needed. This is like a mall food court, but Portsmouth style. Sorry Panda Express, only healthy options for us!

You can get a delicious cup of fresh coffee, a craft cocktail, a healthy/personalized pizza or salad, and so much more. Portsmouth needed this kind of grab-and-go spot, and they did it in an elegant, local, and cozy way.

If you have not checked out this hidden gem, do it. It will be your new favorite spot too.

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