Yes, there are many places to shop in Maine. With outlets in Kittery and Freeport, there are people out shopping daily. However, the outlets are not the only stores that Maine residents go to on a daily basis.

Obviously, there are malls and other local stores, like grocery stores and Marden's that Mainers shop at. However, as expected, not every store is in every Maine town.

There are actually a few stores that you will not even be able to find in Maine. You will not find a Nordstrom, Box Lunch, or Free People in Maine, and honestly, those are only some of the places you will not find in the state.

With the closing of the Marden's in Rumford, Maine, many people responded to the store's Facebook post asking Marden's to open a location in their town. The most requested location was for Marden's to open in Farmington, ME.

This got me thinking, most towns have the real estate for a new store to open. There are so many empty lots and properties that your favorite store could take over.

I mean the Sears at the Maine Mall in South Portland has been closed for years and no store has yet to take it over. There are some stores finally coming to Maine in the future, for example, Costco will be opening its first Maine location in Scarborough.

I set out on a mission to see what stores Mainers would want to see in their hometowns. The results are in.

One store took rein for being the most wanted in multiple Maine towns. Market Basket seems to be needed in many towns in the state, followed by other grocery stores such as Trader Joe's and Aldi. One store that many Mainers want to shop at in their town is Hobby Lobby.

Keep scrolling to see what stores are wanted in certain Maine towns and let us know if we missed any.

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