One thing I've learned about living here is that there are some restaurants that are seasonal.

When we first got here last October, we went to the DQ in Kittery.  We got some ice cream and they were telling us that they close down soon for the winter.

Well...that's now open again!!

The Sun and Surf Restaurant in York Beach is open as well now.  However it's only open on weekends ... for now.

Flo's in Cape Neddick was closed for a bit (apparently, they take February off is what I was told by my pharmacist) but is back open again.

I haven't been to this place to eat yet, but I was there recently.

Just so you know, if you want to get a legendary hot dog from Flo's, you're gonna need cash.  I didn't have cash so I scurried away like a tourist and left. Lesson learned for sure.

Here are the rules to order at Flo's for your review.

Flos 2

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