You’ve got snowshoes, skis, mittens, hats, and gloves but have you outfitted your car for winter?  WMUR is handing out some great tips to get your vehicle ready for the brutal season ahead of us.


My father-in-law taught me to always have water and a jar of peanut butter in my car at all times in case I got stuck somewhere or fell down a ravine, I would have enough to survive.  I never forgot his advice and thankfully I have not been in a tight situation yet, but I am prepared.


Always smart to have a first aid kit stashed in your car. You can’t predict when it may be absolutely necessary.  Invest in a good pair of jumper cables. They can be critical when the need arises. Get yourself an empty gas can. Nothing like running out of gas, walking to a gas station only to find out they don’t carry them.

Another great tip is to keep a portable flashlight and try and get one with a red strobe so you can send out a signal if you need help in an emergency. Another great suggestion from WMUR is to have a portable back up charger for your phone.  In case of cold weather, those cellphone batteries can drain quickly so it's always smart to have a back up to make that call when you really need to. Safe travels and tell winter ‘Bring It” we are ready!


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