Are you ready to go to the fair? Are you ready to go to New England's oldest family fair?

The Deerfield Fair is back for its annual event Thursday, September 29, through Sunday, October 2.

And we've got a family 4-pack to giveaway so you can get in and enjoy all the fun and activities.

So how can you win?

Just fill out the form below for your chance to win. It's that easy.

The Deerfield fair has been around for over 145 years. That's a really long time!

This year there will of course be amusement rides, horse shows, pig scrambles, and cattle pulls. There will also be a family circus and high-wire acts, bands and even some children's shows.

And that's just a few of the things you and the family can partake in.

The Deerfield Fair website even lists this awesome fact: "In 2018, The Deerfield Fair weighed in the largest pumpkin recorded in our United States weighing 2528 pounds." Imagine making pumpkin pie of that big ol' beast!

You can get more info on the Deerfield Fair right at its website by clicking here.

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