There are plenty of country music-loving folks in the Granite State just like you. Here is how to spot them.

Country is the hottest genre in music these days. With the likes of Maren Morris, Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown and many, many others making great music, it's no wonder people are flocking to country music like a moth to a flame.

But, how do you spot country music fans in New Hampshire? It's not that hard when you know what to look for. For starters...

1. Country Music is a way of life. it's the simple things that make you content. Things like being outdoors and breathing in the fresh mountain air. Hopping in your truck (or your car) and blasting WOKQ and signing along to the songs that speak your language.

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2. You gotta dress the part. A pair jeans, boots and a cowboy hat are essential items in the closet of every true New Hampshire country music fan.

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3. Country music fans in New Hampshire will find any excuse to be outdoors! Including a bonfire. Some in the Granite State have even gone as far as to put a fire pit in their backyard. Nothing like sittin' 'round the campfire singing your favorite country songs and making S'mores!

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4. Ya gotta love a good burger! Some of us here in New Hampshire grill year round. There's nothing wrong with that. And you'll always find a country music fan tailgating at a concert and firing up the grill to show off their meat-cooking skills.

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5. Finally, ain't nothin' like a good cold beer! Countless country songs reference drinking beer (or any kind of alcohol for that matter), because there's nothing like sitting back after a long-hard work week and enjoying some downtime with family and friends. That's what the country lifestyle is all about!

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