Whenever I think about winning a large sum of money, which I'll admit is quite often, this song always starts to play in my head.

What a jam, right?!

Let's just say I played the NH Lottery and won the 750 million dollar jackpot. What would I do with the money? Well, first things first I would pay off all of my debts. My Honda Civic would be all paid off the very first day. And then I might by another car that does a little better in the snow because why not? I'm a multi millionaire, I can afford two cars! I wouldn't go crazy with a Lexus, BMW, or any other expensive car because that doesn't matter to me. I want a RELIABLE and sturdy vehicle that gets me from A to B.

In my fantasy where I win the jackpot, it is no longer Covid times. It's my fantasy and I make the rules. So I would do a ton of traveling and any of my friends and family are welcome to come with! I'll go back to Australia, where I studied abroad in 2009. I'll go do and see all the things I wanted to when I was there but couldn't because I was broke a college kid and spent all my money on boxed wine (or goon as they call it) On my way back from Australia I'll stop in Tahiti, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, and wherever else I feel like going.

Then I am going to buy a boat! A speedy thing that I can zip around Portsmouth, Kittery, etc. I would buy a house right on the water so I could wake up every day and look at the ocean while I sip my coffee that my butler probably made me because I am a multi millionaire. Do they even have butlers anymore? Well, in my fantasy they do and mine looks strikingly like Zac Efron.

I would also pay my parents back for my fine education and all of the other expenses I have racked up over the years. I'd also give them a little extra just to play with. They've been good to me!

Then I would start fighting the good fight. Does everyone in New Hampshire have access to three nutritious meals a day? Does everyone in our fine state have a roof over their head a nice warm bed to sleep in at night? These are basic human rights that every single person deserves. I would use some of my winnings to ensure that there are resources for people who are struggling in our state. And then if I had some money left over, I would tackle the rest of the world!

if you won hundreds of millions of dollars, what would you do with it?

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