It doesn't feel all that long ago when the last one happened, "the last one" being a squirrel apocalypse in Maine roads. Squirrels and chipmunks were seemingly splattered across every road across the Pine Tree State as they met their demise.

For many, it was an unfortunate and disgusting occurrence that they hoped they'd never see again. But the warning signs are evident that another squirrel and chipmunk reckoning may be coming to a Maine road near you sooner than you think.


Back in 2018, it felt like there was endless squirrel and chipmunk roadkill on every street in Maine. There were so many squirrels that met their demise in the road that people started wondering if they were doing it intentionally. They most certainly were not.

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Instead, something rare happened in both 2016 and 2017. Nut-bearing trees in Maine had "mast" crops, yielding massive amounts of acorns. The acorn overage led to a ballooning of the squirrel and chipmunk population in Maine. But in 2018? There was no massive acorn return, leading squirrels to make dangerous road decisions in order to fill their hungry bellies.


If you've been hiking recently or just have the correct trees in your backyard, you may have noticed that there seems to be a lot of acorns falling in 2023. It's not your imagination.

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Because of the precipitation-filled summer in Maine, a mast crop is expected for this year. Hungry squirrels will not only eat well, but they'll be able to ensure their litters eat well, too. 2023 won't be the issue.


Because of the large yield of acorns this year, 2024 could be a very ugly year for squirrel roadkill in Maine. It's highly unlikely there will be another instance of back-to-back mast crops, meaning hungry squirrels will once again be faced with making dangerous decisions to cross roads in order to find food next year.


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