Here's Why Peak Deer Mating Season in New Hampshire Could Have a Devastating Effect on You.

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials are warning drivers to be on alert for an abundance of deer, due to it being peak deer-mating season.

Fish and Game say bucks are particularly active right now looking for their mates, so use extra caution on the roadways.

An article on WMUR says signs warning of deer crossings are posted year-round, but the possibility of seeing deer in the roadway right now is higher than other times of the year.

It's happened to me. Deer will pop out of the woods and start roaming around the street. They're wonderful to look at but if you hit one, it can have a devastating effect on you, your vehicle, and of course, the deer.

Meanwhile, deer-hunting season is upon us as well, so just be aware of your surroundings.

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