A video is going viral after a Boston police officer went down a slide at a public playground.

The slide absolutely tossed the officer down at full speed. I wish I was exaggerating when I say he almost got thrown off the side altogether.

This slide gave so much speed that the officer came out on his stomach. We're assuming he started on his butt, the normal and safe way.

The video is below:

He lost his handcuffs, perhaps a taser, and something else off of his body. As I said, the slide TOSSED him at full speed.

How the heck are kiddos supposed to be going down this slide? And also, is this standard practice? Are police officers going around to every playground to test slides? Because after seeing this, they might need to start.

Honestly, after I stopped laughing from watching the video, I was happy to see extreme slides still exist. I feel like playgrounds used to be metal slides, wooden castles, and epic attractions.

Now, I feel like I see very safe (and lame) playgrounds.

If I was a kid and got an eye on the police officers' slide, I would be heading there immediately.

And perhaps this is a good time to suggest going to different playgrounds. As a kid or family, you probably go to the same one or two playgrounds. Some of my favorite memories as a kid were going to the neighboring town's playground. A 30-minute drive to a new playground felt like a vacation when I was eight.

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