I was out running a few errands last night after work. Even though I wasn't on the radio yesterday, I was in the office working but had barely a voice after catching this cold that's going around. All too often you hear of poor customer service or even employees that are less than truthful. So when you find someone who stands out for their honesty its well worth noting. I stopped into Cumberland Farms on Farmington Road in Rochester for gas. Truth be told I was driving my son's car and wasn't going to put a lot of money into it so I looked into my wallet to see how much cash I had. I gave the attendant what I thought was eight bucks and went to pump the gas. As I was leaving she came running out of the store asking if I really wanted eight dollars worth because I had actually given her twelve bucks by mistake. I was very surprised at her kindness. Whoever you are, thank you!  You made my night.

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