When we saw this story come over our news feed this morning, a couple of us had the same reaction...you could NEVER get me into one of those contraptions. NOPE! NEVER!

As one of my co-workers put it...'Thin nylon fabric, hundreds of feet in the air, wicker basket and fire — SIGN ME UP'

Methuen Police sent out the following picture on their twitter feed today. Apparently, the six passengers and the pilot of the balloon were unharmed after making an unexpected landing. The hot air balloon skimmed across trees and landed in the yard of one resident.

Can you imagine getting ready for work and looking out your window to see this giant smiley-faced hot air balloon landing on your property? Yikes! I'm glad that no one was injured, but I think the fact that the balloon is one big happy face makes the story that much funnier!

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