Bears across the Granite State have awoken from a long winter's nap, and your bird feeder or shed might be their next dining spot.

Saturday and Sunday gave many people the opportunity to break out on two wheels, or partake in spring-like activities. Slowly but surely, the northeast is waking from a long winter, which stretched a healthy five months. Coinciding with our spring awakening is the return of bears.

Very. Hungry. Bears.

Put yourself in their shoes. Remember the last time you slept 10+ hours, and awoke hungry? You tore through the pantry because you couldn't wait until breakfast. We've all been there. Multiply this by 10, and you have the Granite State's current bear situation.

Fish and Game Lt. Adam Cheney told WMUR News 9 “We've already had a number of complaints of people losing bird feeders, (bears) trying to break into houses and stuff like that. They're very hungry.”

Homeowners were urged to have their bird feeders down by April 1st, and are now warned to secure garbage cans and grills.


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