I still consider myself new here and I'm still finding out cool things about living here.

Again, I wasn't disappointed.

Where I come from there are some supermarkets that you can go to and grab a quick lunch: a sub or a salad bar, etc.

I popped into a Hannaford by the office today and was looking for some lunch.

I saw this stir fry bar and I was like, "No way, I've never seen this in a supermarket."

So, you pick out what stuff you want.  You don't pay by the weight.  It's all based on the protein you get.  Chicken, Steak or Shrimp.  You fill up your box, tell them what protein you want and type of heat and then you watch them fry it up right in front of you!

Turns out, this Hannaford in Dover was renovated back in 2017, according to Fosters. As part of their goal to focus on fresh, that included adding The Hannaford Kitchen Café. And that's where you can get the stir fry and more.

It looks like many Hannafords are working to include stuff like this as a Supermarket News article stated the remodels and renovations are all part of "efforts to bolster its fresh offering and provide more shopper conveniences."

Well, it really was some of the best stir fry I've had.  I'll be back!

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