The past five months have been very strange to say the least. Many of us have learned some valuable lessons during our time in quarantine. For example, I have learned:

  • I can survive five months without buying any new clothes
  • I can go 5 days wearing the same pajama pants
  • I can go 8 days without washing my hair
  • I can make my own hummus and it's actually better than Sabra hummus (sorry, Sabra)
  • I can finish Netlix if I put my mind to it
  • I can get hungover from a Zoom happy hour

With boredom comes many home projects, cooking experiments, and quests for self improvement. A website called Zippia made a list of the most interesting things people are quarantine googling in each state and the results are pretty amusing. Some of my favorites are:

Illinois: Mcdonalds Value Menu

Louisiana: How often should you wash your hair?
(this is my vibe)

Mississippi: Vodka Pops


Nevada: going vegan
(take a seat, Nevada. Who goes Vegan during quarantine?! Who are you trying to impress!?)

Arkansas: Little Debbie Snack Cakes


Are you ready to see what people are googling in our fine state? It's not hilarious, it's actually practical. I respect it!

New Hampshire: DIY patio

What about the Mainers?

Maine: Build a chicken coop (obviously)

And our neighbors to the South?

Massachusetts: Virtual Book Club

Check out the full list here.


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