5 Cities in 5 Days kicked off today with a BANG at The Bagg Lunch in Manchester.

The name of the establishment holds a double meaning. The obvious meaning refers to a lunch in a bag but also the name "Bagg" is the last name of the owner. The matriarch of the family Rita, won't let us reveal her age. But just know that she still comes to work 40 hours a week and makes magic in "The Bagg Lunch" kitchen.

And speaking of magic, there is one thing that you must try if ever go to The Bagg Lunch for breakfast on the weekend. Their sausage gravy and biscuits are absolutely to die for. They are creamy, hearty and you can tell they are made with love. To not try them would be a huge mistake.

Thanks to Rita, Tammie, Debbie and the rest of The Bagg Lunch crew for their fine hospitality today.

Tomorrow, we are off to Epping! ONWARD AND UPWARD!

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