For the past few days, Captain America has been dancing and doing cartwheels outside Coldwell Banker Realty in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. If you have seen this sight he is not a figment of your imagination. Nor are you having stress induced hallucinations. So that's good news!

Nancy Elliott Hagner via Facebook
Nancy Elliott Hagner via Facebook

A lot of people are asking the question, "Why?" And I have a few theories. They are:

  • He is promoting his fitness brand called "Sweat with the Captain" and wants people to come and workout with him
  • He is letting the people know that if you are buying or selling a home in Portsmouth, Coldwell Banker Realty is the place to go!
  • He is protecting the Seacoast from his arch nemesis The Red Skull
  • He realizes that the world is depressing and literally on fire and we could all use an excuse to smile

I am a member of the The (un)Official City of Portsmouth, NH group on Facebook and no one seems to know who the mysterious man behind the Captain America costume is. If you have any information about his identity or his motivations, I am EXTREMELY curious. I can be reached directly at

And Captain America, if you are reading this, keep making the people of Portsmouth smile. We need it!

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