One of the first things that surprised me when I moved to New Hampshire years ago was so many motorcyclists without helmets.  I truly learned that New Hampshire residents take that “live free or die motto” to heart.  One morning last week I saw a car flash its headlights at me.  He was traveling in the opposite direction that I was.  Then I spotted a police car.  That got me wondering.  Is it legal in New Hampshire to flash your headlights?


Laws and Kindness


Now I have lived in some states where it is mandatory for motorists to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk but never have, I see that law followed as closely as I have in New Hampshire.  I like to walk around Rochester, and I have never had an issue crossing the street.  Traffic always stops and that amazes me.  It appears this flashing your headlights action is protected as free speech under federal law. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I search high and low and can’t find that it is illegal in New Hampshire.  Live Free or Die.


Not the Only Reason to Flash Your Headlights


Of course, flashing headlights is not just to warn of a speed trap ahead.  In reality, I have a number of radar detectors that drive my wife insane with their beeping and flashing to warn me.  She says she just obeys the speed limit at all times and that works for her.  I must admit she has never had a speeding ticket and despite all the technology I have in my car, I have had a few.  In doing my research for this question, I did come across many reasons, especially in New England, where flashing headlights can be a warning of a deer, moose, or other wildlife in the road.  Flashing your headlights can warn other drivers to slow down for road hazards that lie ahead.  The simple act of kindness in my mind.

So good to know that flashing your headlights is Not illegal in NH, but look at this

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