Alcohol-infused cupcakes in Dover, New Hampshire, anyone? Yes, please, and here's where they are.

Welcome to A Southern Girl Bakery, where anything is apparently possible with cupcakes. They're in downtown Dover at 10 Fourth Street.

Pink Champagne, Limey, Shot in the Dark, and Peachy King Bellini are waiting for us. Woo hoo, I can't even right now.

That's right, according to their Facebook page, there's an adult dessert case just for those of us who want a cupcake with a kick.

A Southern Girl Bakery Facebook
A Southern Girl Bakery Facebook

How incredible these must taste after a Sunday brunch with mimosas or an evening dessert with a glass of Moscato.  Delish, absolutely.  Even milk sounds just fine.

A Southern Girl Bakery touts on their Facebook page, that they brought their Southern cupcake charm and then some to New England.

"Baking authentic southern flavored cupcakes, cookies, and cakes for our New England friends to enjoy"

And apparently, alcohol plays a role in this southern lifestyle.  Honestly, how cute and welcoming is this video I found on their Facebook page.  She's sold me for sure.

The other cool thing I noticed while perusing their website and Facebook page is that the party is alive with special events.  And clearly, they're incredibly popular.

Of course, that's not a surprise when alcohol-infused cupcakes are on the menu.

But don't worry, this bakery is all about desserts for all occasions, including children's parties.  Although who said adults can't partake in these special cupcakes at the same time? Just make sure you leave this adult enjoyment up high and out of reach.

Everything you could possibly want to know about this place is right here.

What kind of alcohol-infused cupcakes do you want them to add to their menu?

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