People Magazine is stirring up another controversy.  The publication is known for its controversial picks for Sexiest Man of the Year, (I say controversial because how have they never picked me?) but this year their pick of best sandwich in New Hampshire will really divide the state.  People Magazine, working with “Infatuation,” an online restaurant guide, has released their picks for the best sandwiches in every state. 

I think if we all had to guess it’s safe the assume the winner would be a lobster roll, am I right?  Well, no.  In fact, not even close.

Nashua Garden, a sports-themed restaurant on Main Street won with their “Big Papi” sandwich.  The award winner is named after David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox.  The sandwich has no lobster, but is made up of Turkey, Muenster cheese, pepperoni and is served hot.

It does sound delicious but is it worthy of being named the Best Sandwich in New Hampshire?

I think I need to visit a few restaurants and try ALL the sandwiches in the state to conclusively make up my mind.

So far for me, it's the lobster roll from The Beach Plum in Hampton Beach and Portsmouth.

What do you think?  Come on now, Turkey or Lobster?

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