You can’t make this up.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Tom Brady had a cameo appearance in the Netflix series “Living with Yourself” featuring Paul Rudd.

That, in itself, is not unusual. Professional athletes make film and television cameos frequently. But what is mind-boggling is that Tom Brady makes a cameo appearance in the Netflix series as himself, wait for it, walking out of a massage parlor.

Ok, stop.  This can’t be real in light of the Robert Kraft accusations earlier this year.

The video clip from the series is making the rounds on social media and fans are stunned.  The set up for the show is that Rudd, unhappy with his life, goes to a spa to recreate the best version of himself and something goes wrong.  Brady is perfect for the part where he comments onscreen to a nervous-looking Rudd, “First time?” “Uh-huh,” Rudd says. “You?”  and Brady replies “Sixth.”

This is an obvious reference to Brady’s six Superbowl Championships and a joke about Brady’s longevity and consistent talent.  How does he do it?

It must be magic.  He must be superhuman, right?  Brady is perfect for the role, but did he not foresee that it might be misinterpreted or at least appear insensitive to Robert Kraft?

Yahoo Sports reports that there is no knowledge of whether Robert Kraft knew about this cameo by Brady.  I am sure there will be some type of fallout.  As they say on television, stay tuned.

Brady spoke out recently saying the clip was taken out of context and he didn't seem to be too happy about it either:

Watch the scene here of Brady coming out of spa

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