Brantley Gilbert dropped a somewhat surprise album in November called So Help Me God, and the singer is already looking ahead to new music in 2023. Gilbert will head to Texas to write more music in February, but he says been working on new tunes since before he released his latest project.

“I’m excited about getting ready to go write in February, another Texas trip," he says in an interview with his record label. "That usually starts the process, so we’ll be working on a new record. I’ve already been working on it since we finalized the tracklist for this one. I’m always working on what’s next."

So Help Me God features a total of 10 tracks, and he announced the project just one week before its arrival on Nov. 10. Despite its quick release, Gilbert said he had been working on the album for a couple of years.

"I’ve always taken a little longer than most artists, especially in this genre, to put an album out, and that’s partly to do with me being a perfectionist,” Gilbert said at the time. “But we’ve been looking forward to getting this album out for a long time. I’ve been blessed to sit down with some of the best writers in the country, and I feel like we’ve written some wonderful stuff."

The album features collaborations with Blake Shelton and Vince Gill, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith and Hardy and breakout singer Jelly Roll, and Gilbert says there's plenty of new music to come in 2023.

"To be honest with you, there’s so much in the windshield I don’t have time to look in the rearview," he says. "There’s a lot in front of us. I got a lot of work to do."

Gilbert wrapped up a co-headlining tour with Five Finger Death Punch on Dec. 17 in Las Vegas. So far, he has a handful of tour dates on the books for 2023 in February and June.

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