You don't really know who you are in high school.

Even if who you are today is similar to who you were in high school, your high school years are about finding yourself. That is what it was for me, anyway.

I tried a THOUSAND things in high school: sports, theater, writing, video editing, public speaking, the list goes on.

If it were not for my high school and the teachers/administrators fostering some of my dreams, I would not be where I am today.

To those admins and teachers, thank you.

Today on 'Kira and Logan in the Morning', we reviewed our high school senior yearbook quotes. As I read mine aloud, live on air, it clicked. My senior yearbook quote predicted the future.

My quote read, "Gooooood morning Pentcket..."

The background: throughout my entire high school career, I read the morning announcements. I was always the first one in school, prepping the weather, upcoming sports and school events, and a joke or two to give my peers a smile at seven in the morning.

Little did I know those morning announcements were going to lead me to my career as a morning radio host. But my teachers, advisors, and other admins at Pentucket Regional knew it.

I started to reflect on some of the outrageous things I did for school credit. My journalism teacher, Cora Ducolon, allowed me to experiment in my journalism class. In addition to writing, she allowed me to uncover hidden secrets inside of teachers' cars...

Yes, I took the teachers' keys and raided their cars to see what they had hidden. At the time, it was just fun. However, looking back, I realized that was journalism. Mrs. Ducolon accepted my videos in addition to writing, because I was experimenting with journalism. It was just a different platform.

Admins like Michelle Merritt (my "mom" in high school) went above and beyond to give me opportunities to foster my character and charisma. She predicted me doing morning radio (or something like it), and gave me the chance to try it by reading the morning announcements.

To the admins, teachers, and everyone at Pentucket Regional High School in West Newbury, Massachusetts, thank you. As a 15-18 year old at the time, it is difficult to appreciate the opportunities you are being given.

After all, the only thing on my mind was girlfriends and taking my team to States.

Logan Sherwood
Logan Sherwood

To the teachers and admins everywhere, keep fostering your students. They may not appreciate it in the moment, but they will reflect, like I am, and realize that you were rooting for them.

To current and future high school students: put yourself out there. It is so hard for a teen to do so, but it will be worth it. Sure, I got called a few names bringing my high energy over the intercom at seven am at age 15, but it was all worth it.

Experiment. Try new sports, new hobbies, and things that your school doesn't offer. You never know. It could lead you to your dream job...

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