While Chris Young had a lot of reasons to want to lose weight, he knew he couldn't put his lifestyle changes off any longer once his doctor told him it was time.

"[I] went to the doctor and ran my numbers, and just health-wise, my cholesterol was insanely high," the singer explains to ET Online.

"She was like, 'You gotta do something.'"

So he did: Last month, Young told fans that he'd dropped 60 pounds as a result of his new regimen of diet and exercise, sharing a progress photo that showed off his newly-toned abs and biceps.

Now about six months into his weight loss journey, Young says he's about 230lbs at 6'4, and he feels good about how far he's come. The singer says one key to his success has been making sure to incorporate his own hobbies and preferences into his new lifestyle change.

"I love to cook. So that's been one thing that's been beneficial. Me being able to go, 'Alright, I'm gonna meal prep for the road. I'm gonna make stuff I like.' And I really do love being in the gym," he explains.

Even though he's feeling great about all the modifications he's made in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, Young says there's still one treat he can't turn down: "Salt and vinegar potato chips," he confesses when asked about his biggest food weakness.

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