People are starting to think that a former NFL quarterback is Lainey Wilson's husband, and for good reason.

Wilson and  Devlin "Duck" Hodges are not married yet, however — they live together and he's very supportive of the singer's career, but there's no ring on that finger.

Last year's CMA Entertainer of the Year and Hodges first introduced themselves as a couple at the  2023 ACM Awards, but they'd been dating for at least two years prior to that.

Who Is Lainey Wilson's Boyfriend?

Devlin "Duck" Hodges is a former NFL quarterback who played with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was briefly signed to the L.A. Rams. The Samford University grad and Alabama native then played one season in the Canadian Football League with the Ottawa Redblacks.

Wondering why they call him "Duck"?

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In college, and then with the Steelers, he couldn't quit talking about duck hunting, so the coach just started calling him that, and it stuck. ESPN shared a meaty profile on the QB in 2019 that goes into his record-setting collegiate career.

He's quite the prolific hunter. Find several photos of his haul in Instagram, including this one shared on Jan. 31, 2024:

We found pictures of Wilson and Hodges on the red carpet together. During the red carpet show on Amazon Prime, two red carpet hosts emphasized how she was bringing "her man" to an awards show for the very first time.

Lainey Wilson Relationship History

Until last year's ACMs, Wilson hadn't brought a romantic interest to an awards show. She did bring her father to the 2022 CMA Awards, but she's dodged questions about her love life, other than talking about her steamy on-screen kiss with Ian Bohen during Season 5 of Yellowstone.

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In 2024, Hodges and Wilson haven't walked the red carpet together, but he was spotted with her at the People's Choice Awards in February, and he did share a sweet pic celebrating her Grammy win a month earlier. Both events were a bit of a respite for him.

"I put him to work," Wilson tells Taste of Country ahead of the 2023 CMA Awards. "Girl, look, he's got a long list of things. I'm like, 'Take the trash out, mow the yard, do something with the flower beds, feed the dogs.'"

These Cute Pics of Lainey Wilson + Devlin Hodges Are Workin' Overtime

Slowly, but surely, Lainey Wilson is becoming more comfortable sharing her relationship with former NFL player Devlin Hodges with the world. Although it's unclear when their romance began, the pair made their first pubic appearance together at the 2023 ACM Awards. Then, they attended the CMA Awards together that fall.

Wilson has spoken very little about Hodges, but she did share that she's not afraid to put him to work around her home in Nashville.

"I put him to work," Wilson told Taste of Country ahead of the 2023 CMA Awards. "Look, he's got a long list of things. I'm like, 'Take the trash out, mow the yard, do something with the flower beds, feed the dogs.'"

One things is for sure, these two make an adorable couple.

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