When you frequent your local Maine Walmart, you normally just ignore the intercom announcements. However, if you hear color code announcements, you'll want to pay close attention and take out those AirPods.

At Walmart, staff members use intercom codes for communication. These codes include very specific messages to employees without disturbing the shoppers' experience. It's like a secret language.

There are different categories of Walmart intercom codes, similar to those used in hospitals, to make sure everything runs smooth within the store.

Ever since I found out about the color coded announcements, I think we as shoppers should learn and pay attention to them.

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Sadly, there are codes that we have to listen to because they affect us all. It can be scary, but necessary.

Some codes are pretty basic. For example, Code A means that employees are needed to check the aisles for spills or messes.

Then there are color codes that will be called out if something dangerous is taking place.

Mass shootings are unfortunately a common occurrence in many places, and regrettably, our state is no stranger to them.

This is what 'Code Brown' means at Walmart.

According to Common Cents,

When you hear this code, it means that there is a shooter on the premises. This indicates it’s time to head to an exit, if you can. If you’re not near an exit, make sure to follow employee instructions and remain calm.

Codes at Walmart come in different colors, each indicating a specific situation.

The more serious ones include Code Red for fire, Code Orange for a chemical spill, Code Green for an active hostage situation, and Code Blue for a potential bomb threat.

Familiarize yourself with these codes on Common Cents to ensure the safety of your shopping experience and your family.

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