Cole Brauer is so impressive, and I have been following her journey for months on Instagram. Here's the kicker, I did not know until today that she has ties to Maine!

Who is Cole? She's a New York native whose family lives in Boothbay Harbor. Cole is an ocean racer. She's lived in a 40-foot racing yacht and has made her way around the world.

Cole has made history recently, becoming the first women to race across the world in her sailing yacht, according to People. Less then 200 people have done this!

Following her quest on Instagram has been a thrill! Whether she was basking in the joy of a beautiful sunset on a calm day or getting tossed around by unexpected rogue waves in the dead of night, every moment has been an adventure when you're sailing the high seas.

You've got to see this clip of her getting launched across her boat by a massive wave while the autopilot was on. Many people would have wanted to give up after situations like that occur, but not Cole. She continues to push forward no matter the tribulation.

According to People, The Global Solo Challenge is a single sailing race around the world, which means that Cole sailed across the southern seas, starting from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, crossing the Indian Ocean, and heading to the South Pacific through Chile, with Antarctica down south.

For about four months, she and the other sailors were traveling a total of 27,000 miles in the race, as the article states. Since the racers started at different times, each boat will finish on its own date.

Cole finished second place, being the first US female to sail by herself without stopping around the world.

This took her 130 days, two hours, 45 minutes, and 38 seconds, according to the challenge.  

Cole's family resides in Boothbay Harbor, and surprisingly, she doesn't come from a family of sailors. Her dad works as a contractor, and her mom used to own a dance retail shop, as reported by People. Cole has proven to everyone that with determination and inner resilience, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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