Ah, the eagerly-anticipated spring breeze has finally arrived here in Maine, bringing with it the promise of warmer days and no more snow, hopefully for good. It's time to welcome back my favorite season in Maine, spring!

Spring is a time of renewal, which awakens fresh wildlife and an abundance of flowers (so many flowers)! Maine has a variety incredible wildflowers that brighten our lives. But when it comes to picking them, can you really do so?

I myself have always enjoyed picking and gathering wildflowers, but what about the rare ones found in Maine?

Let's talk about some of these rare flowers, such as the pink lady's slipper, ram's head lady's slipper, yellow lady's slipper, and showy lady's slipper.

If you stumble upon one of these rare finds, are you allowed to pick them? Let's find out.

Is it Illegal to pick rare flowers in Maine?

The short answer is no. It is not illegal to pick rare flowers in Maine.

According to Maine.gov, 

There are no laws prohibiting the collection of any plant species in the State of Maine. Plants in Maine are the private property of the landowner, so private property rights should be respected. In the interest of perpetuating Maine's natural heritage, we strongly advise against the collection of any rare plants.

But what about plants in general? Are there any regulations on gathering, picking, or collecting plants in Maine?

Are there any regulations that restrict the collection of common wild plants in Maine?

Yes, because we all know that in Maine, you can usually pick wild plants, but always ask the landowner first.

Public places like parks often don't allow it without a permit. Don't take too many plants from one spot, and try not to hurt the whole plant. It's important to keep the plant population healthy and the ecosystem balanced, as per Maine.gov. 

Enjoy the spring Maine scenery. But if you decide to gather flowers, pick carefully and avoid picking from private property.

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