Remember back when you didn't have to refinance your house to pick up a cart's worth of groceries for your family? Yeah, we do too, but the memory is slowly fading because of how long ago it was.

It's no secret that inflation has pushed grocery prices to a staggering all-time high, and of course, it's the American consumer that is paying for it in the end. Gone are the days where you can walk into your local grocer and get a bag of items for $20 bucks.

Instead, you almost always need a hundred dollar bill with you if you plan to get more than enough to fill a single grocery bag.

Tara Clark, Unsplash
Tara Clark, Unsplash

However, it's not all bad (though it certainly seems like it), the crazy high prices have pushed national grocers to do everything they can to compete with each other and attract customers new and old.

And who benefits from free market competition? Well, the customer of course.

According to an article from Delish.Com, the company ran an analysis to find the least expensive grocers in the country.

And, as it turns out, Maine is home to two of them.

Now keep in mind, this list is only covering national grocers, not local or regional. So this list won't include your local down-home store or your regional Hannafids.

According to their list, Trader Joe's is one of the cheapest places in the nation to buy grocery items. While Trader Joe's is a massive national company, Maine is home to only one of its stores, located on Marginal Way in Portland.

Madalyn Cox, Unsplash
Madalyn Cox, Unsplash

Here's a little about what had to say about TJ's,

Trader Joe's is one of our go-to spots for affordable essentials, some of the best frozen food around, and unique snacks. Beyond the adorably kitschy decor and friendly staff, it's also one of the best grocery stores to visit when you're on a budget. Even amidst the current egg-price hike, the cartons at Trader Joe's remain inexpensive.

The next grocer that made the list that we just happen to have in Maine is Market Basket. Market Basket hasn't always been in Maine. For a long time, the closest one was just over the New Hampshire border, however, Maine is now home to two with a third on the way.

Those Maine locations include Portland and Biddeford, with Topsham coming soon.

Market Basket, Google Maps
Market Basket, Google Maps

Here's a small excerpt of what Delish.Com had to say about the Market Basket shopping experience,

Market Basket is one of the smaller chains on this list, but their savings make it one of the most affordable places to shop in the U.S. A recent study provided by the customer data firm dunnhumby revealed that the New England-based chain was the "top grocery retailer for inflationary times."

Maine is certainly home to hundreds more grocery stores than just the two on this list. Where do you find the most affordable groceries to be in the Pine Tree State? Let us know through our free app!

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