I came across this recently, and at first, I thought it was just a prank. But after delving into the juicy deets, it actually makes perfect sense to me.

Some brilliant Mainers are now renting out their pools to the public according to News Center Maine! We've got some creative hustlers offering for neighborhood kiddos and families to cool off for a small fee!

Simply is the website you can head over to in order to sign up to be a pool host or to find a pool near you.

It works similar to AIRBNB, you rent out the pool for an amount of time, pay a fee, swim at your own risk and enjoy yourself.

A Maine woman named Sheryl Blanke who lives in Glenburn Maine did this because her older children no longer use the pool in the backyard.

As the article states, she sees around a hundred guests and has been using Swimply for four years now. Sheryl provides swim toys, floats, games, grilling tools and more! Her below is pictured below.

Sheryl Blanke's Pool via News Center Maine YouTube
Sheryl Blanke's Pool via News Center Maine YouTube

The website gives you a tiered pricing program and to begin you can rent a pool, invite up to 5 buddies and charge $25 an hour.

It's also very expensive to keep up a pool. They predict that pool upkeep costs can be up to $2,000 a year. Renting out your pool can help with the cost of keeping up with it!

Let me share a little secret with you. When I was younger, with my long, blonde, straggly hair, dirty fingernails, and striking green eyes, I used to sneak into my neighbor's pool for a quick dip and to cool off whenever they were away.

I acknowledge that it was NOT the right thing to do, but the scorching heat made it irresistible, and besides, the lady who lived there was the kindest person I knew. Deep down, I was certain that she wouldn't mind if she ever caught me.

Looking back, it was one of those "act now, apologize later" moments, and after all, I was really young at the time. After that, my mom and dad put a pool in so I didn't grow up as a criminal pool-hopper.

This would have been great when I was younger and I am happy to see people are using the site.

If you have a pool and are interested in renting it out or if you need to take a dip in a nearby pool, visit Swimply and they will attend to your "cooling" needs!

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