This got me. Dave Portnoy was in the middle of his first-ever New Hampshire Pizza Review when he couldn't help but brag about one of his more recent reviews out of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Apparently, this is his first time ever coming to New Hampshire to do a one bite segment, and he chose Mike's Pie in Hudson. He scored it a 7.2, which isn't too bad for his stubborn ranking system. Here's the live review of Mike's, if you missed it:

It's hilarious that he couldn't stop talking about the place he reviewed right in the beginning, middle, and end of a whole different review.

I mean it's also hilarious how hard-body he got about "never saying he was gonna go to a pool party in Litchfield", but a close second hilarious is how he couldn't shut up about this review at Joanie's:

So that's the review that shook him up and stayed in his dreams as he reviewed New Hampshire. He even went as far as to fall back on his rank, and give it an even better one. Dave Portnoy doesn't do that. That's big for Joanie's.

"Also we just came straight from Joanie's, ate the whole thing, I love Joanies, I gave it a 8.4 when it could have been a 9.1, so I ate the whole thing and I'm full as ****."

-Dave Portnoy

I love this. I think he should go back and re-rate it to give Joanie's the credit they deserve. Or maybe I'm giving them the credit right now. There we go.

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