Fun Fact: On the most recent season of Hell's Kitchen on FOX (which has been completed for some time now), one of the challenges the chef contestants had to compete in revealed that Mexican food is one of the Top 5 most preferred cuisines in the country.

And while there are multiple chain restaurants that focus on Mexican cuisine and do well, local restaurants that offer authentic Mexican cuisine hit different and are just a step above.

One restaurant with multiple locations in New Hampshire has truly mastered the combination of delicious, authentic Mexican as well as top-notch service, hence the ability to open multiple locations.

Google Maps / Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash
Google Maps / Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

Cinco's Cantina in New Hampshire

It all started with opening what was formerly known as Cinco de Mayo on Central Avenue in downtown Dover, New Hampshire. The Tellez Family's local restaurant, hyper-focused on family and authentic cuisine, took no time at all becoming one of the most popular spots to eat in Dover, whether it was May 5 or not.

The success of what is now known as Cinco's Cantina in Dover led to the opening of a second location, located right off Exit 7 on Route 101 in Epping, New Hampshire, in Brickyard Square. And it's the success of both hot spots that is leading to the opening of a third spot, and the Cinco's staff wants you to be part of it.

Photo by Creative Headline on Unsplash
Photo by Creative Headline on Unsplash

Cinco's Cantina, Rochester, New Hampshire

It's been in the works for a while, but Cinco's Cantina is opening a new location in Rochester, New Hampshire. While an opening date (and actual pinpointed location) hasn't been officially announced yet, the Tellez Family has said that progress is being made with the construction of their new location, and now they want customers' help in naming their new burrito.

Suggestions have been pouring in on both their Instagram post and their Facebook post asking for name suggestions.

'Rochester is known for the arts, so El Burrito de Las Artes (a make your own burrito).' - Maureen Raiche

'The Live Free Burrito!' - Lynne DeAmelio-Rafferty

'Rochester is AKA "The Lilac City" so how about The Lilac City Burrito.' - Michael Iob

'The RochVegas Burrito.' - Heidi Rodenhuis

'Burrito Loco.' - Carolina Baez

'Tres Lilas!' - Danny Hatt

'A breakfast burrito served all day called the Buenos Dias Burrito!' - Anonymous

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