If you are passionate about putting healthy ingredients into your body, then you've probably heard of the Smoothie Bus in Manchester, New Hampshire.

If you live outside of Manchester, perhaps you have not heard of the hottest little shop and bus, to create healthy smoothies with natural seasonal flavors.

With 100% real grade A fruits and vegetables, making a smoothie never felt so good. The company also respects sustainability, with recycling and composting as part of their priorities.

The brick & mortar store is in Manchester, but the Smoothie Bus goes all over for special events and parties.  In fact, the bus can serve up to 400 smoothies per events, churning out 2.5 smoothies every minute.

The bus can be booked for special events in New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Northern Massachusetts, and celebrates health and happiness, two things everyone needs more of in their life.


There are so many reasons to book the Smoothie Bus at your event, wedding, gathering, team building party, staff event, client event, town event, sports event, etc.

It's a way to create health awareness, boost morale, and bring a team together in the easiest of ways.  It's easy to book, and the team can customize smoothies to your needs.

Book the Smoothie Bus at thesmoothiebus.com.  The offer acai bowls and other creations including breakfast sandwiches, so don't limit yourself!

Also, if you are a small business in need of a kitchen, the Smoothie Bus Commissary Kitchen is available in Manchester.  The pandemic taught the owners a thing or two about diversification, so make it your commercial kitchen too.

Check out The Smoothie Bus story of how it all began with Josh and Sonya.

Here's to a healthy smoothie or bowl for the summer of 2024.

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