You can't even say that it's arguable that Dave Matthews and perhaps the entire Dave Matthews Band loves visiting New England the most -- and more specifically, New Hampshire.

Because the way Dave both acts when he's in New Hampshire and the social media love he gives anyone hitting the Granite State for a show of his -- he makes it obvious.

Which is why his roasting of New Hampshire during his two-show stay at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire, recently, is even more amazing than normal.

davematthewsband via Instagram / Canva
davematthewsband via Instagram / Canva

DMB Shows in NH

New England (and we do mean all of New England, since Dave-Heads from all over showed up) was treated to two shows over the last two days from Dave Matthews Band, who performed both yesterday (Wednesday, July 13) and Tuesday at BNHP in Gilford.

It took Dave no time to show the Instagram love to New Englanders/New England Dave-Heads who made the trek to Gilford following night one.

So nice to see you all yesterday in Gilford, NH to #WalkAroundTheMoon with #DMB2023! Who is coming out for the 2nd night?

And the love was just as apparent last night for night two; however, all the New England love didn't come without a little bit of lighthearted, all-in-good-fun roasting from Dave.

Dave Matthews Roasts NH over Bugs

During the first night of DMB crushing it in Gilford at BNHP, in between songs, Dave (for whatever reason -- maybe he thinks we all talk like people from the Deep South for some reason?) put on a heavy southern accent while thanking the crowd, asking if they heard "when that skeeter flew in my mouth?"

They got them bugs out here. I went to New Hampshire and they got them bugs out there.

Clearly, all in good fun, and the crowd ate it up -- just like Dave ate that skeeter up mid-song.

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