I still think it's hilarious that Dave Portnoy brought himself to Maine and just pumped out a ton of local Maine Pizza Reviews like nothing was wrong.

He went from never doing one in our area, to doing them all the time. Suddenly, we'd wake up every day to a new video posted on Barstool about a different local pizza spot he rated. He even visited one of my go-to pizza spots, Pizzaiolo.

Overall, he visited seven total Maine pizza spots, and really delivered the entertainment (no pun intended) for every single review. Absolute chaos.

I mean, one of the reviews from OTTO Pizza in downtown Portland ended up getting a young woman fired from her job. Who remembers the moment the cashier literally suggested another pizza spot to Dave that's way better than the one she works at?


He then went to that suggested spot to do his next review. Like I said, absolute chaos. I reached out to the poor girly involved here to interview her on my show, but she politely declined by telling me the publicity is all just too overwhelming right now (totally understandable). Look, she got excited and panicked when she saw cameras. She's young. The online trolls didn't have to go in on her as hard as they did.

However, if you missed all seven of his reviews, here's the exact locations and ranks he gave them. You might be super surprised by his #1 score for Maine. Check them all out below:

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