These are the kinds of things police officers do that make us say "See, now all cops are bad." This story is a pull-on-the-heartstrings type of story.

Did you see the frustrating story out of Scarborough that surfaced last week where a little boy by the name of Ezra had his bike stolen out from under him?! I remember hearing about it and getting angry that anybody could be so selfishly heartless that they'd think it's okay to steal from a child, nevermind the fact that it's so close to the holidays.

The story, which was confirmed for my by SMPD's Facebook post,  got even more frustrating when the police then learned it was Ezra's birthday week.

This is my favorite part. This didn't sit well with the Scarborough Police Department. They took matters into their own hands by writing a letter to Santa asking him for a new bicycle. The hope was that Santa and his elves just may be able to get the letter and get to work just in time for Ezra's birthday.

Well, turns out Santa worked his Christmas magic, and this is what happened next:

"Just when all hope was forgotten, Sgt. Flynn arrived at work today to find a letter on his desk sent from the big man himself at the North Pole. The letter was addressed to “Ezra (From the Nice List)”
Included with the letter was a very special delivery! Evening shift was so excited to bring Ezra his birthday/Christmas present tonight!
Happy Early Birthday, Ezra! We all hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!"


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