I'll be honest, it's not that hard to be on Dave Portnoy's s*** list, but you have to really piss him off to get him THIS mad. So mad that he deems your pizza place the literal worst in America. Do you remember the pizza review he did out in Somerville, Massachusetts, that ended up being his most viral video to date, at this shop called Dragon Pizza? The owner was super ignorant (in my opinion), and went in on Dave. Dave (being Dave) didn't respond well, and the funniest verbal fight between two grown men went down live on camera.

Here, watch this and you'll understand:

Honestly, I'm shocked that he didn't take his score of Dragon Pizza back after this little fight that happened between the owner and him. Typically if you piss Dave off enough by the end of his review, he's been known to deduct points for behavior.

I will say though, ever since he adopted Miss Peached from a breeding shelter in Atlanta, he's been a completely different human. He's been so nice it's almost scary, but we love to see growth.

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