Is your child missing their special stuffy? Or are you?

Winslow Police Department posted on Facebook that a cute puppy stuffy was recently found, and they want to reunite it with its owner.

Maybe you can be the one to help.

The police department stated that the "furry friend" was found on the side of Bay Street in Winslow, and they are keeping it safe and dry inside until someone comes to get him.

The picture with the Facebook post shows the adorable stuffy with brown fur and a little black nose that looks perfect for hugging.

We imagine whoever lost it really wants to get it back but just doesn't know where it's at. How many times have we all accidentally lost something?

Hopefully, this gets out to the person so they can be back with their stuffed animal again.

Interestingly, while the origins of the stuffed animal date back to the Romans in 300 BC, the "modern" stuffed animal was created in 1880, according to The Zoo Factory. That happened to be an elephant, the website stated.

As for the first teddy bear? says that was in 1903, which was inspired by President Teddy Roosevelt's hunting trips and, as the rumor goes, a particular instance involving a bear.

Fast forward to today and, according to Build-A-Bear, over 100 million stuffed animals are sold every year. That's a lot.

So if this lost stuffy is yours, your kids' or you recognize who it belongs to, you can call the department at (207) 872-5215. Let's hope there's a happy ending soon.

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