New data has surfaced that provides a list of the easiest cities to score a high-paying job. According to CNBC, the study focused on the 200 largest US cities based on the population. From there, they listed the cities with the lowest amount of people applying for high-paying jobs.

The study goes on to say that you will have no virtually competition when applying in these top-scoring towns. But before you get too excited about possibly increasing your salary to six figures, let's keep in mind that you will need to be qualified for the jobs that are hiring.

The reason for these opportunities in these specific towns are not reflective of the city and state, but more so the lack of candidates. Also, according to CNBC, an outreach specialist named Taylor Tomita explained:

“The salaries of the high-paying jobs are relative to the median salaries in each state or city, so the competition rates are more reflective of a lack of candidates rather than it being a lower-paying market”


#7 on their list is Dover, NH, a nice Seacoast town with plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants and located next door to Durham, NH, home of the University of New Hampshire.

In another recent article published by IndeedManchester, NH, is #10 in the nation for job seekers.

With those two pieces of data, I think we can all agree that people living or looking to move to southern NH appear to have some great opportunities to live on a high-paying salary.

#1 on the highest-paid job list list published by CNBC is Parkersburg, West Virginia.

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