Winter (or whatever that was) seems to have come and gone. Mainers are ready to get outside, and with mild temperatures expected to continue, we can expect some businesses and activity centers to open early this year.

1. Outdoor Adventure Companies: Businesses offering outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, and guided tours will likely begin their operations earlier than normal this year. Here are several ideas.

2. Garden Centers and Nurseries: A lot of times, these are not up and running until the end of April or even May. Many are already stocking up on plants, flowers, and gardening supplies.

3. Ice Cream Stands: As the weather continues to warm up, some ice cream stands are already open a month or two ahead of schedule. With above-average temperatures expected for the spring, lots of us will be sitting outside on a picnic table enjoying a cone in no time.

4. Outdoor Dining: We will likely see many seasonal and year-round restaurants opening their decks and patios earlier this year, allowing people to get that fresh air and feel the warm sun earlier than normal.

5. Outdoor Tourist Attractions: While you can visit lots of these year-round, many tourist attractions in Maine are expected to open sooner, such as amusement parks and historical attractions.

6. Fishing Charters and Boat Tours: Okay, so you might not be ready to jump in the water for a swim, but with the thawing of lakes and rivers, many fishing charters and boat tour companies are already gearing up for the season. Tripadvisor has some great options here. 

7. Farmers Markets: These are quite popular in Maine. While often not launching until May, some farmers markets will likely start offering fresh produce and other locally-sourced products very soon.

8. Bike Shops and Rental Services: When you think about cruising around on a rental bike, summer usually comes to mind. But if the warm trend continues, you will likely see bike shops and rental services open early to accommodate those cyclists ready to hit the trails as soon as the weather permits.

9. Golf Courses: Maine has more than 130 golf courses in our state, and Mainers and tourists love to take advantage. Many of these courses have been open for several weeks and you can expect more to open very soon. If the snow is gone and the ground is thawed, they're probably open. Here is a list of 100 to choose from. 

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