New Hampshire is country. Luke Bryan's type of country. You know, the huntin', fishin', lovin' every day kind of country.

Even though New Hampshire has the 7th fewest paid fishing licenses, fishing in the Granite State is a staple compared to other US States. We love our fishing here in the 603.

Whether it is large or small-mouth bass, stripers, or the monsters that are Northern Pike, fishing is plentiful in New Hampshire.

Release of a pike back to water
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According to an AZ Animals article, "The cold waters in this small state, tucked away near the Canadian border, are a haven for many massive fish."

And you're about to read about about a massive fish.

The record for the largest fish ever caught in New Hampshire was set in 2013.

"On February 16, 2013, a man named Kevin Phelps caught the biggest northern pike in New Hampshire," according to AZ Animals.

It was at Moore Reservoir in Dalton, and this monstrous fish weighed an impressive 26 pounds 9.44 ounces, and it was 44.5 inches long! This northern pike also turned out to be the longest fish ever caught in the state.

To see the actual fish held as a trophy by Phelps, click here.

Can anyone beat this? It's now been over 10 years since a monster fish like this has been caught. And chances are, the northern pike is the best bet for the biggest fish.

But as a personal bit, be warned. These fish are NASTY, with chompers that would love to taste your pinky.

The northern pike is an olive-green, carnivorous fish native to North America and Northern Eurasia. These fish have white bellies and unique side markings. While they usually grow between 15 to 22 inches long, they can sometimes be much bigger, stretching to a whopping 59 inches! They love living in freshwater lakes and rivers, specifically, hiding sneakily in weed beds, ready to ambush their prey. Their favorite meals? Mostly smaller fish, but occasionally, they’ll chow down on amphibians or even small mammals.

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