Hey Maine, the 1950s called, it wants its cigarettes back.

For some reason, Mainers continue to smoke cigarettes at a ridiculous rate.

Even with everything we have learned about how horrendous cancer sticks are for our health, Maine is still leading New England ripping butts. Umm, congratulations?

According to World Population Review, Maine's smoking rate is 17.3% of the eligible population who smokes a tobacco product. That's quite a high number if you think about it. That's nearly two out of every 10 people. Honestly, that is a huge number in our present time.

It's difficult to understand why this number is still relatively high, much higher than the rest of New England. It's not like folks don't understand the negative health, economic, and social impact cigarette smoking can bring on. But there's really only so much you can do to deter the dangerous and disgusting habit.

I don't feel l need to discuss the dangers. I'm sure everyone knows the harm it can do to your health and wellbeing. I also know many out there continue to try and quit, which is great. I wish you all the best, and truly understand how hard it is to do so, because of the number of tries it took me to back when I was a smoker. Just keep fighting the good fight.

If there is some good news to take away from this report, it's that while Maine is leading the way in New England, it still doesn't come close to the nation's leader, West Virginia. The Mountain State has an insane percentage where one out of every four adults smokes cigarettes. Those are numbers we haven't seen in decades. It's nice to see West Virginia going old school.

Here's to lowering Maine's number for 2025.

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