One of Maine's most iconic donut shops is being hailed for its use of a popular ingredient.

The good folks over at LoveFood recently published an article all about one of America's favorite ingredients: bacon. I mean, who doesn't love a nice slice or two (or an entire slab) of that smoky, salty, and crispy pork. It's equal parts delicious and versatile. And that's what the inspiration was for this article, because LoveFood went out and found the best bacon dish in every state.

This is where the donut shop comes into play, because LoveFood's bacon dish for Maine came from the one and only Holy Donut. According to the site, the Holy Donut's bacon and cheddar donut is Maine's best for bacon.

The Holy Donut via Facebook
The Holy Donut via Facebook

This is an excellent choice. It's quite literally a Hot Pocket, if Hot Pockets were, you know, good. It's one of Holy Donut's famous potato donuts, filled with super gooey cheddar cheese and chopped bacon. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and really any time you may be hungry.

But don't just take my word for it. Here is a little of why LoveFood chose this lovingly bacon-filled pastry.

The Holy Donut offers an incredible range of donuts, from classics like Vanilla Glazed to fancier creations like Honey Lavender. However, we think the Bacon Cheddar is the best of them all. A delectably hearty bake, it's filled with plenty of crispy bacon and melty Cheddar – a combination that pairs perfectly with the slightly sweet dough.

The best part is you can find these bad boys all over the state, since the Holy Donut has numerous locations, including Portland, Scarborough, Arundel, and (soon to be in) Brunswick. That's a lot of potatoes, folks.

The Holy Donut via Facebook
The Holy Donut via Facebook

Congrats to the Holy Donut for the great press. It's incredible to see how much this company has grown in such a small amount of time. It's shows what a little hard work and delicious food can do.

And now, it's time for me to go and devour a bacon and cheddar donut.

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