Break out the shuffleboard and early-bird specials, because Maine continues its elderly reign.

The folks over at the popular site World Population Review have analyzed the age data for every state in the nation. And to nobody's surprise, Maine is still the oldest by a wide margin.

According to World Population Review, Maine's median age is 44.8 years old. That is miles ahead of the second oldest state New Hampshire, whose median age is 43. Talk about blowing away the field.

Why is Maine so old? One of the major reasons is due to a certain generation that has flooded our wonderful state. Here is more from World Population Review.

It (Maine) is considered the oldest because it has a high percentage of baby boomers or people between 45 years old and 64 years old. There is a very low percentage of people under the age of 44 in Maine. Some experts refer to this as a surplus of baby boomers, a trend that is seen in many Eastern states.

Well, great. Just what we need, more boomers.

It's difficult to knock anyone who actually moves here to work or retire. This is a wonderful state, one that typically finds itself rather far up on quality of living surveys. Sure, it can be expensive, but everywhere is expensive these days.

There are slight concerns with these numbers, though. The low percentage of young folks means the job force is more sparse than it should be. While not alarming, it certainly could get worse if the youngsters continue to leave. This is certainly something that is being closely monitored.

While Maine is the oldest state, the youngest state award goes to Utah. The average age is just 31 years old. That is just stunningly low. It's probably because everyone there has like 10 babies.

You can check out the entire age map here.

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