There's a good reason why Maine is nicknamed "Vacationland."

This state is littered from head to toe with fascinating, exciting, wonderous, and delicious places to experience. Maine is a treasure trove of activity for both vacationers and the lucky ones who call the state home.

But what are the best places or things to truly experience here?

Fortunately, a website recently posted a list of 10 that rise above the least according to them. It's time to take a closer look at an article from The Travel, titled "10 of the Most Unique Places to Visit in Maine."

First, we look at the "no brainers" that The Travel included.

No Brainers: Acadia National Park, Portland Observatory, Maine Maritime Museaum

These three are absolute "must visits" for travelers and Mainers alike.

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What needs to be said about Acadia that hasn't already? It's a magical national park that combines Maine's maritime life with its amazing wilderness. This should be on every Maine list ever.

The Portland Observatory is a unique visit that gives folks incredible views of the city and Casco Bay.

As for the Maine Maritime Museaum, this incredible campus features a wealth of rotating exhibits, as well as many popular permanent fixtures. It's a Midcoast Maine gem.

Back to the list we go, with spots that I think are decent choices.

Decent Choices: Owl's Head Transportation Museaum, Whaleback Shell Midden, Popham Beach

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The Transportation Museaum has an incredible number of classic vehicles and planes. It's one of the best collections you can find.

I have never been to the Whaleback Shell Midden, but those who have swear by it. It's a fascinating look back at coastal Maine and Native American history. The history dates back 2,200 years.

Popham Beach is probably the best beach in Maine. Located in the Midcoast, Popham shines with its wildlife, extreme low tide flats, and stunning views.

Next up, places that are okay to be on the list, but there are certainly better.

Um, I Guess These Are Okay Choices: Maine Mineral & Gem Museum, Dessert of Maine, Monhegan Island

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Getty Images

My neighbor would tell me that the Maine Mineral & Gem Museaum should be everyone's first stop in Maine. And if you're into rocks like he is, then this is absolutely true. It's also located in Western Maine, where a diverse number of minerals can be found and mined.

The Desert of Maine has a great mini golf course, and it is close to L.L.Bean. It's a great destination for the family in nice weather.

Monhegan Island is a gorgeous and remote spot. While wondrous, it's not the easiest place to get to or stay on.

Last up, the one spot that simply has no business being on this list.

What Are We Doing Here Choice? Eartha

I mean, it's a big globe. Great.

Overall, this is a good list. However, there are some glaring omissions. Here are ones that would be in my top 10.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Baxter State Park: Easily the best spot in Maine. This isn't even debatable. Amazingly still underrated.

Katahdin Woods & Waters: The least polluted night sky for hundreds of miles.

Long Island: Quite possibly the best place to spend a day on the bike.

Bayview Beach: This Saco beach allows dogs all day long. It's amazing.

Mt. Blue State Park: A incredible representation of vastly underrated Western Maine.

I guess the bottom line here is that Maine is a lot more than just 10 unique spots. That's the beauty of living here. We are always ready to experience something new. Even if that means spending a few hours looking at a large globe. Hey, if that's your thing, Maine has it right here.

What are your favorite places to explore in Maine? And why is it not a giant globe?

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