An iconic Portland eatery has received national attention for its tasty cuisine and legendary status.

The popular website Taste of Home put together a list of the best diners, and included one from every state. Maine's choice was one that both locals and tourists flock to in abundance. The Pine Tree State's representative was none other than Becky's Diner.

Becky's Diner via Facebook
Becky's Diner via Facebook

Becky's is an absolute staple in Portland's working waterfront. As the story goes, Becky's originally opened after owner Becky Rand successfully argued for a zoning change on the waterfront to allow her restaurant to open. It would be a place for Portland's fishermen to eat before and after their haul. The mother of six opened Becky's in 1991, and the rest is history. It still opens daily at 4am for the fisherman and other early risers.

Becky's Diner via Facebook
Becky's Diner via Facebook

Becky's popularity has only continued to grow due to its tasty menu and national attention from numerous television appearances, including $40 a Day and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. And yes, even Taylor Swift has dined there.

Here is a little of why Taste of Home selected Becky's as the top diner in Maine, including a description of one of the restaurant's most popular dishes.

Housed in a waterfront cottage, Becky’s Diner serves breakfast all day. Be prepared to eat a lot, too, because the dishes are hearty to say the least—the popular “Hobson’s Wharf Special” comes with your choice of meat, two pancakes, two eggs, home fries and toast.


Congratulations to one of Portland's legendary eateries. And congrats to another family-run small business that continues to succeed. I hope Becky knows how much she means to our community.

You can see the rest of Taste of Home's best diner list here.

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