When was the last time you had to walk into an actual bank, complete with real people at the counter and lollipops for the taking?

According to occ.gov, TD Bank is closing 20 branches, including the one on Woodbury Ave in Newington, New Hampshire, the branch at the Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine, and two Massachusetts locations in Worcester and South Hadley.

The actual closing date was not part of the filing.

Those are not the only New England branches slated to close.  There are two in Vermont: Barton and Montpelier, another one in Caribou, Maine, and two more in Worcester and South Hadley, Massachusetts, according to the filing.

TD Bank is not alone. Bank of America and Wells Fargo announced the closing of many of their branches, according to americanbanker.com. 

I know that this is a different world than the one that we grew up in, and for the most part, I'm a fan of technology (specifically, the GPS on our phone).  Truly, I'd still be lost somewhere in the theater district of Boston if it wasn't for that.

As it is, the GPS can get a little wonky with all the tall buildings around you to disrupt the signal.  The closing of brick-and-mortar businesses, however, is hard to see (to say the least).

Although there is a chance that some of the banks' employees will be able to remain employed and work remotely, you know there are going to be layoffs.

Do you still go into the actual bank building for your transactions?

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